Salat Yisraeli

A chopped salad finely diced tomato, onion, cucumber and bell or chili peppers. Known as the "most well-known national dish of Israel" 

Just as each Israeli salad is made with it's own unique composition, the composition of the people of Israel represents a true Salat Yisraeli. Take a look at some of the diverse personalities that make up Israeli society and join us virtually for an informative introduction to Israeli culture and Jewish customs.

A Daughter of Many Mothers
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From a small town in Poland, to Nazi camps, the United States and then Israel.
Rena is a living example of how we all can take horror and transform it into blessing.
Changing the World with Compassion
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Hear how one man rose from being a victim of terror to healing and transforming thousands of lives by creating a center for healing the trauma of child victims of terror attacks.
Chanukah - 只有光能消除我们生活中的黑暗
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Chanukah - Only Light Banishes the Darkness in Our Lives
Inside the Middle East
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For the past generation, America’s Middle East policy has primarily been a chronology of failures. These failures – and many others, do not stem from a lack of resources, capacity, or gifted individuals. They stem from a more fundamental and systemic flaw. What is that flaw? What are its ramifications? How can its source be addressed? What tools, skills, and mindset are required?
This briefing explores the essence of the challenge and outlines a methodology to create a paradigm shift in the way people understand the Middle East.
Israel & The Gulf Monarchies
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Both the "Abraham Accords" – the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE, and the Declaration of Intention signed by Israel & Bahrain reflect the current geostrategic reconfiguration of the Middle East. An environment which is a result of significant changes that have taken place in the region over the past decade. In this briefing, I will explore how we got here, how the agreements represrnt the new geostrategic construct of the region, and what the future holds.
Israel in India
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Living in King David's Backyard
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Encounter Yaakov Ben Avraham as he shares what it's like living, studying and teaching biblical history in the Ancient City of David.
Love in the Time of Corona
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This pandemic is stressful, both financially and psychologically. But during these times it is our home and our marriage that can be the ground upon which we stand. Learn how Jewish Wisdom uses uncertainty to make relationships more stable and fulfilling.
Navigate the Middle East in the 21st Century
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At the beginning of the 21st Century, an ancient power struggle over the throne, hegemons aspiring to revive empires that have been lost to history, and an ongoing struggle over the path, identity, and, direction – all coincide to generate a "perfect storm" in the Middle East. This two-part briefing begins "at the beginning "and takes us on a fascinating journey right up to today – the Fall of 2020. This Briefing will provide you the knowledge to "understand the news better "and the tools to predict where events may lead!
Not-so Orthodox Brewery
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Probably the first mcro-brewer and bar owning Ultra-Orthodox Jew you've ever met?
Hear first-hand how this young aspiring entrepreneur is changing the Israeli and food alcohol landscape.
Persumay Neesaw
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Prohibition Pickle
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The backers backed out, the bank said NO, and Chaim was left with no choice but to join the underground. What came next was the greatest bootlegging the Judean Hills have seen since the sacred olive oil production under the Assyrian-Greek occupation during the Hasmonean dynasty
Shabbat at the Base
450.00 ₪ 450.00 ₪ 450.0 ILS
Participate with your group as a Shabbat guest at the The Base.
Meet lone soldiers, hear their stories and get a first hand understanding of
life in the IDF.
Please note - minimum order is 15 meals.
Spiritual Dating
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How do I know if my new boyfriend/girlfriend is – Right for me? Serious enough? Meeting my needs? Ready for marriage? The answer to all of these questions is: Use Jewish wisdom to follow the five spiritual stepping stones that lead us towards deeper intimacy and partnership.
The First Year of Marriage
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Based on the wisdom of our Sages and the author’s years of experience working with couples, this fascinating book serves as a guide for couples who want to travel the path toward greater closeness and deeper love.

The Jewish wedding ceremony teaches us about the dynamics of a relationship between husband and wife.

The stories of the Torah shed light on the complex interplay between respecting our partner’s individuality while sharing intimacy with them.

The teachings of the Chassidic Masters reveal how devoting ourselves to our spouse leads us toward our greatest fulfillment.

Written by experienced therapist David Lester, this unique book will help couples who are preparing for their life together, as well as those who have been together for decades and want to continue growing. It is also a wonderful resource for rabbis, educators, and therapists.
The Foundations of a Jewish Marriage
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Integrating Western Psychology and Jewish Mysticism this encounter answers two questions:
As a husband, what should I know about how women think and experience the world?
As a wife, how can I understand more deeply how men act and make decisions?
The Israel – UAE Peace Agreement
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Both the “Abraham Accords” – the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE, as well as the reactions from regional players to the agreement, reflect the current geostrategic condition of the Middle East. An environment which is a result of significant changes that have taken place in the region over the past decade. In this briefing, I will explore how the agreement itself, and the responses to the agreement, represent the new geostrategic construct of the region.
The Secret of Jewish Education - 犹太教育的秘密
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Learn about the unique understanding of wisdom in Jewish tradition. Together, we will define what Jewish success is through an introduction to the ancient Jewish book of Talmud and witness 3,300 years of Jewish conversation on one page. Delve deeper into “what really is the mission of the Jewish people?" and identify the importance of education and the role of family in traditional Jewish culture.
The Secret of Jewish Success – A Study in Talmud
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You will learn about the unique understanding of wisdom in Jewish tradition. We will define what Jewish success is. You will be introduced to the ancient Jewish book of Talmud and witness 3,300 years of Jewish conversation on one page. We will discuss “what really is the mission of the Jewish people”? And identify the importance of education and the role of family in traditional Jewish culture.
The Sound of (Jewish) Music
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Join Avi, Rachel and the Goldberg family for a living room-symphony of Jewish music.