Crowdfunding Campaign
12 July, 2020 by
Crowdfunding Campaign
Cahn, Netanel Cahn

Shalom to our wonderful Shabbat of a Lifetime community! 

We've missed you over the past few months and are excited to be able to share with you one of the events we've been working on. Due to the pandemic, we have had to shut down our traditional SOAL programming, but are looking forward to the day we can resume sending many wonderful guests and travelers your way to share in a special Shabbat dinner around your table.

In an effort to lift the power and impact of the Shabbat of a Lifetime experience and bring together our multiple communities we have engaged with over the last nine years, we will be launching a SOAL Crowdfunding Campaign on August 4, 2020. 

We recognize that Shabbat of a Lifetime is only as strong as our wonderful community. That being said, our goals are two-fold:

1. Provide subsidized meals for our families who have been effected negatively by the Corona Virus. 

2. Ensure SOAL comes out thriving from this crisis. 

As a community, our power is that much stronger. So too, by working together we can create momentum and spread the word to be as effective as possible. As we build our Social Media presence, please help us by sharing, liking and commenting on our posts. As we get closer to the event, we'd love your involvement in spreading the word within spheres of influence to those that would be interested in adding to SOAL's campaign. We're better as a community and we know that together, we will emerge stronger. 

Crowdfunding Campaign
Cahn, Netanel Cahn 12 July, 2020
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